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Birthdate:May 22
Location:Buffalo, New York, United States of America
Website:[knots and loops] - etsy shop

Interests (146):

abstraction, acid mothers temple, acid reflux disease, amy's place, analog synthesizers, anti-war, anxiety, archaeology, autumn, badgers, bdsm, birds, biting, boards of canada, body hair, buffalo ny, calculus, cameras, cannibalism, coffee, collecting, collections, conservation, crocuta crocuta, crows, devo, dinosaurs, dismantling power structures, dogs, dragons, dysphoria, effects pedals, eurypterids, examining privilege, experimental music, experimental photography, experimentation, fall, fauns, feminism, field work, flight of dragons, fractals, frank zappa, free jazz, ftm, garnet, genderfuck, geoarchaeology, geology, gnolls, goblins, godspeed you! black emperor, gong, google earth, gore, gorges, gryphons, hard vore, harpies, hawkwind, herons, hiking, holga, hyenas, igneous rocks, improvisation, instrumental music, instrumental surf rock, knitting, kyanite, labradorite, lo-fi photography, masochism, mathematics, medium format film, metamorphic rocks, metamorphism, mice, minerals, museums, my bunny, my degus, my mate, my rats, noise rock, nonviolence, not being touched, onions, ornithology, owls, palaeontology, pantheism, peace, peaches, penguins, petrography, petrology, photography, pie, plagioclase, plate tectonics, polymorphs, pro-choice, psychedelia, psychedelic music, pumpkins, rabbits, rats, rattus norvegicus, research, rocks, scavengers, science, second life, serrated teetheses, shinies, shiny objects, sleep, snow, sonic youth, sparklies, spiders, squirrels, steampunk, stereolab, stoner rock, surf rock, taking photos, taxidermy, the iron giant, therapsids, theropods, thrift stores, toy cameras, unicorns, violent love, vore, waterfalls, werebeasts, werewolf mating season, werewolves, western new york, winter, woodland creatures, π
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